Aquarelle Luke Bay Tee

Screen printed and hand painted, very soft, pure cotton


Geese in the Fog

“Kao guske u magli” rekao je moj otac kada sam mu oduševljeno prepričavala Trillikine dogodovštine sa biciklističkog izleta do Ostružnice, starim obrenovačkim putem.

Da ne prepričavam sve ovde, posetite Trilliku da pročitate taj neverovatan putopis. Možete da glasate za ovu majicu na Design by Humans.

There is a saying in Serbia “like geese in the fog” for people who don’t think about their next step and enter dangerous situations because of that.
This illustration is inspired with short trip on bikes, which started on a beautiful day, but was interrupted by thunderstorms and rain with no place to hide.

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1027 kg/m3

It is not time for tiding up the house, yet. But, I was beginning to see rolls of undeveloped films everywhere. So, it was an alarm for visit to photo-shop (a shop not a software). First thing I have noticed there is that they don’t develop films in an hour any more. I’ve had to wait for 2 days. Second, I sow a lot of products for sale there, which don’t belong to photo world, meaning that photo business is not doing well, I suppose. So, hipsters, please, don’t use just your iPhone applications, use your Lomo cameras and develop films. Support photo shops. I don’t know what would I do with my films from underwater camera if they close.

Another story is my decision to forget films for as long as possible, until I find them all around the living place. Then I choose one or two by intuition and develop them. This “process” brings me a freshness from the past. Like intentional heritage.

Bug’O’Bag in the kitchen

My Dear friend and partner Snezana and me are in the middle of exciting “cooking” process. We are making a new series of extremely (to be) popular modular pocket which every citizen should have on these unpredictable long working days and nights.

This time we ask ourselves if we are honest enough to show the world what we have in our pockets. Honesty, left as an illusion in elementary school is sweet, nostalgic element that we will use to play with. Photos as soon as we finish them.

Bug’O’Bag started inspired by Belgradian chaotic life. Here is the first series:

From the Belgrade series

From teh Belgrade series

And this is the concept

And when you are still here, visit the beautiful site of footwear designer Snezana Krejic

More about Bug’o’Bag

Promocija knjige


Drage kolege i prijatelji,
Evro-Giunti, ULUPUDS – Sekcija za tekstil i savremeno odevanje i autori Vas pozivaju na promociju knjige [Ne]potpisane slike – dizajn štampanog tekstila
koja će se održati 2. decembra, 2010. u 18h
u Konaku kneginje Ljubice – Sime Markovića 8, Beograd


Knjiga predstavlja čudesno putovanje kroz istoriju štampanog tekstila, sa akcentom na kreativnom procesu dizajna tekstila, putovanje čije domašaje određuje sam čitalac svojim interesovanjem i, u velikoj meri, svojom maštom, putovanje koje izaziva „uzbuđenje slično putovanjima kroz nepoznate predele, koje otkriva nove vidike i otvara mogućnosti novih avantura“. Putovanje se ne završava u sadašnjosti, već ukazuje na neograničene mogućnosti i otkriva nagoveštaje budućeg, ali ga ne ograničava – sve prepušta kreativnom.

Iz recenzije B. Lazić