Bug’O’Bag (making of)

Are you ready to flirt with something heavy in a light manner? BE HONEST!

From tomorrow at FASHION TO GO @KC GRAD

Make me...beautiful

Be honest...Can you really be honest?

(surface matters) what is really inside - your stuff


Bug’O’Bag in the kitchen

My Dear friend and partner Snezana and me are in the middle of exciting “cooking” process. We are making a new series of extremely (to be) popular modular pocket which every citizen should have on these unpredictable long working days and nights.

This time we ask ourselves if we are honest enough to show the world what we have in our pockets. Honesty, left as an illusion in elementary school is sweet, nostalgic element that we will use to play with. Photos as soon as we finish them.

Bug’O’Bag started inspired by Belgradian chaotic life. Here is the first series:

From the Belgrade series

From teh Belgrade series

And this is the concept

And when you are still here, visit the beautiful site of footwear designer Snezana Krejic

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