1027 kg/m3

It is not time for tiding up the house, yet. But, I was beginning to see rolls of undeveloped films everywhere. So, it was an alarm for visit to photo-shop (a shop not a software). First thing I have noticed there is that they don’t develop films in an hour any more. I’ve had to wait for 2 days. Second, I sow a lot of products for sale there, which don’t belong to photo world, meaning that photo business is not doing well, I suppose. So, hipsters, please, don’t use just your iPhone applications, use your Lomo cameras and develop films. Support photo shops. I don’t know what would I do with my films from underwater camera if they close.

Another story is my decision to forget films for as long as possible, until I find them all around the living place. Then I choose one or two by intuition and develop them. This “process” brings me a freshness from the past. Like intentional heritage.