Aquarelle Luke Bay Tee

Screen printed and hand painted, very soft, pure cotton


Geese in the Fog

“Kao guske u magli” rekao je moj otac kada sam mu oduševljeno prepričavala Trillikine dogodovštine sa biciklističkog izleta do Ostružnice, starim obrenovačkim putem.

Da ne prepričavam sve ovde, posetite Trilliku da pročitate taj neverovatan putopis. Možete da glasate za ovu majicu na Design by Humans.

There is a saying in Serbia “like geese in the fog” for people who don’t think about their next step and enter dangerous situations because of that.
This illustration is inspired with short trip on bikes, which started on a beautiful day, but was interrupted by thunderstorms and rain with no place to hide.

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