Rugs / Tepisi

Property of the author

I grew up playing on one rug with motives of Sun. It had a spiral shape in the middle which was important as one could get nicely dizzy following its lines ten times in a row.
To make warm, soft images capable of giving shapes to thoughts and feelings, images in which one can get lost, fall asleep, fall in love, enjoy or contemplate…is there in a world more important or more beautiful vocation then this?

Produced in Dilana Rugs, New Zealand – available – contact Dilana or me

Odrasla sam igrajući se na jednom tepihu koji je ličio na sunce i imao neki spiralni oblik u sredini.
Stvarati tople i mekane slike koje oblikuju misli i osećanja, u kojima možeš da se izgubiš, zaspiš, zaljubiš, uživaš i razmišljaš…da li ima važnijeg i lepšeg zanimanja od toga?

Visit Dilana Rugs to enjoy in the most beautiful textile imagery.


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